Giving Back

One truth that I have come to strongly accept is that if we are blessed with Wealth on this Earth then we are blessed with the opportunity of Giving Back.  Many people have accepted this Truth and there are many ways people have lived this value.  For us, we always had a desire to grow our family and to help children in need across the Developing World.

Our journey of Children Sponsorship started with Francis on December 27, 2004.  The horrific tragedy of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami moved our hearts to donate a large sum to the Red Cross and to sponsor our first child, Francis from Kenya with the Christian Children’s Fund of Canada, presently called Children Believe.  We never gave any preference of sex, age, religion, or region; we simply always asked for the child most in need.

Our sponsorship family has now grown to 5 children with Chalice and Children Believe.  Over the years, we also had other children either graduate from their sponsorship program or leave for other reasons.  It’s been a blessing to have an extended family over the world and to keep in touch with them over correspondence.  Our Goal and Intent is to continue to grow this family.

Children Believe and Chalice are excellent organizations if you are looking to have this blessing in your life too.

Abdoul from Burkina Faso

Nelly from Meru, Kenya

Dilan from Tooy, Cameroon

Samson from Lusaka, Zambia

Robert from Akado, Kenya

Children Who Have Graduated from Their Sponsorship Program

Stephen from Kenya

Francis from Ogwedhi, Kenya